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2016 BRISTOL BAY SALMON; Another Huge Success!

It is late July and the rivers and estuaries of Bristol Bay are teeming with literally millions of wild sockeye salmon that have returned home to spawn after spending one to three years in the vast North Pacific Ocean. Over 50 million wild, sustainable sockeye found their way back The Bristol Bay wild sustainable sockeye salmon resource is truly a national treasure, a rare shining example of a well-managed natural system supplying the world with the finest of natural sustainable protein and supporting the culture and community of the Bristol Bay region.

Bristol Bay Total Harvest and Escapement 2016

The season is all said and done. We have taken great care harvesting our share of this fabulous resource and thousands of pounds of the finest wild, sustainable sockeye salmon has been processed, flash frozen and vacuum packed, awaiting the long journey to your freezers, grills and dinner tables.

We are left with memories of full nets and awe inspiring sunsets. The fisherman in all of us at Pride of Bristol Bay are already dreaming of next summer’s season!


We delivered thousands of pounds of this beautiful product to customers at our Celebrate Wild Salmon events in the fall of 2015. We look forward to reuniting with old friends and growing the population of the nation’s salmon lover’s, one case of wild sockeye salmon fillets at a time. Praise for the superior quality of our wild sockeye salmon keeps coming in form chefs, seafood lovers, nutritionists, athletes, moms, dads, food bloggers; just about anybody that spends a little quality time with one of our Bristol Bay sockeye fillets and a fork!

We can’t wait to get back on the road and bring a little bit of Bristol Bay back to our friends from coast to coast. See you in the fall!


Wild Sustainable Sockeye Salmon

Bristol Bay Wild Sustainable Sockeye Salmon, Sea Salt Rosemary rub, fresh Morels, greens and sweet potato fries.

Wild Sustainable Sockeye SalmonWild Sustainable Sockeye Salmon

Fisherman untangles Wild Sustainable Sockeye Salmon from drift gill net. Naknek River, Bristol Bay, Alaska.


Fishing In Alaska Wild Sustainable Sockeye Salmon


Wild Sustainable Sockeye Salmon

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Wild Bristol Bay sockeye has played a leading role for my menus for several years.  The fish comes to my kitchens filleted and frozen, direct from the boats, and is remarkably consistent. My guests love the very fresh flavor, texture and color of Bristol Bay sockeye, and my cooks love the ease of preparation and high quality. They have confidence in knowing that Bristol Bay sockeye will be well received at the table. - Scott Mason Chef/Owner Enoteca and Ketchum Grill
Sun Valley, Idaho

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