March 08, 2021

How long does frozen salmon last in the freezer?

At Pride of Bristol Bay, we sell in bulk in order to keep our product affordable, because we are used to fish flying out of the freezer, and because it’s better for the environment. We understand, however, that some salmon lovers aren’t feeding growing kids or move through a 20lb box of wild salmon a bit more slowly because they’re rarely at home. Thankfully, we are here today to answer: how long does frozen salmon last in the freezer? 

When packed in high-quality, sturdy vac-packs and treated gently during shipping, unboxing and freezer jostling, fillets and portions from Pride of Bristol Bay can last in your freezer for up to two years! For the best experience, we recommend finishing your box over the winter months and eating your last fillet as you order the next season’s catch in August. That way, you’ll always be enjoying the freshest available sockeye salmon. When we say freezer jostling, we mean the shuffling and cramming that happens when you’re making it work but perhaps the freezer is just a bit too full. The best storage option is putting your fillets in a drawer freezer where they can be gently piled on top of each other. Most sockeye fillets from Bristol Bay are 16-18 inches in length and five inches at their widest. Portions are best stored in a small box or freezer drawer so that the nightly ice cream stealer isn’t jolting the vac-packs every night. 

That being said, we trust that with the right sockeye salmon recipes, your product won’t last more than two months! For a family of four, a 20lb/box will last two months if you have a sockeye salmon dinner twice a week. 

If any of your vac-packs have pulled away from the salmon when the box arrives at your doorstep, thaw that one as your first Pride of Bristol Bay meal! Or, give us a call if you are unsatisfied in any way. 

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