March 08, 2021

How long does frozen salmon last in the freezer?

Watch Captain Steve & Co-Captain Jenn answer the question, “How long salmon will last in the freezer?

At Pride of Bristol Bay, we sell in bulk in order to keep our product affordable and offer our customers a way to enjoy our salmon at their own pace, without giving up the quality of flavor. We understand many salmon lovers aren’t feeding growing kids or are often not home, making it difficult to move through a 20lb box of wild salmon as quickly as other salmon fans. Naturally, one of the first questions that comes up for these customers when considering buying our salmon is “how long does frozen salmon last in the freezer?”

The short answer: 2 years. Each sealed and frozen fillet or portion is stamped with a 2 year freezer shelf life thanks to the modern day, high quality vac-pack technology our processing partner Leader Creek Fisheries uses! This top quality process, alongside gentle handling once stored in your freezer allows for that freshly-caught taste any time of year.

For the best experience, we recommend consuming your box within the year that it was caught for best quality flavor. That way, you’ll always be enjoying the freshest available sockeye salmon, as we offer a new catch every August.

We also provide a 100% Guarantee for our product because we are confident that our salmon's entire journey, from our nets to your table, is one that provides excellent quality product long past the year mark. Read more about our shipping process and 100% Guarantee here.

All this being said, we trust that with the right sockeye salmon recipes, your product won’t last more than two months! For a family of four, a 20lb/box will last about two months if you have a sockeye salmon dinner twice a week.
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 Captain Steve & Co-Captain Jenn’s Freezer Storage Tips:

● If possible, keep your individually sealed fillets or portions stored within the box it came in in order to avoid freezer jostling of your product, which could cause bruising
          ○ What is freezer jostling? That would be the shuffling and cramming that happens while reorganizing your freezer. The best storage option is to keep your fillets in a drawer freezer where they can be gently piled on top of each other. Most sockeye fillets from Bristol Bay are 16-18 inches in length and five inches at their widest. Portions are best stored in a small box or freezer drawer so that the nightly ice cream stealer isn’t jolting the vac-packs every night.
● Ensure all vac-packs are properly sealed upon initial storage. If any individual fillets or portions are not completely sealed, use those first in order to avoid freezer burn over time.
● Organize your freezer so that the oldest product is ready to be cooked first.
● Use older product for smoking and canning salmon, and enjoy newer product for fresh meals like sushi (our product is sashimi-quality) and medium-rare grilling nights.




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