October 27, 2021

Shipping Salmon in today’s world: How We Do What We Do, and What Our 100% Guarantee Means

When making the decision to purchase our wild Alaskan sockeye, many people often wonder about the processes involved in shipping frozen salmon. Questions like “How do you get frozen salmon to me all the way in ___?”, or “How do you get it to my door frozen?” often come up, then followed by others like “Is this safe to refreeze” and “Why doesn’t my package say shipped from Alaska?” .

More recently, questions regarding shipping delays have rightly been on customers' minds with all the new shipments that our carriers are experiencing.

Luckily, the answers to all of the above are simpler than you think, and provide a whole lot of peace of mind when placing your first order with us! 

Shipping in a World of Demand & Uncertainty 

Let’s face it: when the world was first hit with the Covid-19 pandemic, one of the first things people did was change their online shopping habits. Ordering groceries online became much more accessible thanks to emerging apps and websites. Simple, everyday products as well as fancy splurge items were suddenly being “Added to cart” left and right. Fast forward 19 months into the future to today’s freight and trucking shortages, an increase in consumer demands and the impossible task of keeping the supply chain running smoothly amidst it all and you have more than enough reason to have concern about your shipments arriving to your door in a safe and timely manner.

With all this being said, Pride of Bristol Bay is here to put your mind at ease.

The Journey of Your Salmon, From our Nets to Your Door

With three shipping distribution locations throughout the U.S., we at Pride of Bristol Bay are well-prepared to best serve all of the lower 48 states, even in today’s wild world of shipping.

After being processed, vac-packed and flash frozen within 24 - 36 hours of its harvest in Bristol Bay, your wild-caught sockeye salmon is shipped and stored in commercial freezers at one of our three locations, awaiting to be sent to its final location (your doorstep!). Storing our product across these locations allows us to shorten the overall shipping time for all products across the lower 48 and is how we ensure your product arrives safely, as it comes from the nearest cold storage location to you.

Additionally, we use a specific packing technique for your fillets or portions that includes a uniquely measured amount of dry ice within the most eco-friendly liner available in order to last up to 4 full days in transit. The best part? From harvest to delivery, specific steps are taken by our team of fishermen and processing plant partner to uphold our shared commitment to top quality product.

Shipping Timelines and Carriers

Most home addresses are within 1-2 days of shipping from our facilities, ensuring a same week delivery.  Possible carriers include FedEx or UPS, depending on which option will work best for your particular delivery location.  All orders ship out on Mondays and Tuesdays and should arrive to you within the same business week. Please note that each of our facilities and carriers has a separate operations team, so please reach out to communicate any special shipping requests or concerns as soon as you place your order.  To receive the quickest and most accurate information about a package once it has left our facilities, please contact the shipping carrier directly with your tracking number and shipment information.  We can not guarantee the ability to intercept or change the delivery time of a package once the order has been picked up by a carrier. However, if you have your tracking number handy, you are able to do so!

Our primary carrier is FedEx, but any carrier may be used for your order.  If you prefer a particular carrier be used for your order, please contact us immediately after placing your order by replying to your order confirmation email or leaving us a voicemail.  We cannot guarantee a carrier preference will be accommodated if we do not receive notice of the preference within 10 minutes of the order being placed.

For more information on tracking information and shipping locations within the U.S., please review our Shipping Info page here.

Our 100% Guarantee

Our 100% guarantee gives you the peace of mind needed when ordering our wild Alaskan salmon to your home. We are dedicated to delivering our wild-caught, sustainably-harvested and incredibly traceable product to your doorstep and are confident it will arrive frozen and/or safe to refreeze within the same business week as the original shipment. Although infrequent, delays from our shipping carriers are possible. We provide a 100% guarantee should your product arrive in an unsatisfactory condition that is not safe to refreeze. See our checklist below for more details about what is considered safe to refreeze. This means we will happily either replace your product or offer you a full refund, depending on your preference.

Should you have any hesitation about the quality of your salmon upon arrival after consulting the checklist below, please do the following:

1) Take photos of the box and contents and email to contact@prideofbristolbay.com with your order number, name, and details about your concern.

2) Mark any questionable product in some way and store it in your freezer until you hear back from a customer service representative.

3) You will be contacted within 1 business day to follow up about your order, advise about the safety of your order, and assess what steps need to be taken to resolve any issues.

What does a standard shipment look like upon arrival?

We’ve created the checklist below to help you determine the best way to handle your product upon its arrival.

Salmon Shipment Arrival Checklist:

How to confirm your salmon shipment is ready for the freezer.

Product arrives frozen with dry ice in the box: 

  • The product is completely safe to put in the freezer and use after disposing of the dry ice!
Please be sure to handle the dry ice properly in order to dispose of it. Click here to review information on dry ice safety from the CDC.

    Dry ice has completely sublimated, but product is still frozen: 

      • The product is completely safe to put in the freezer and use!
    As the case makes its way to you, the dry ice within the box will sublimate, but the salmon will remain frozen and top quality for the entire journey due to our packing techniques. 

         Product is thawed along edges upon arrival: 

          • The product is perfectly safe to refreeze in order to cook and use at a later date!
        Thanks to the specific packing technique we have developed over the years, your product should remain frozen in the core/center of each fillet or portion, making it completely safe to keep for enjoyment at a later date. For peace of mind, you can check the temperature of the thawed salmon, which should be under 40 degrees regardless. Thawing will not degrade the quality of your fish.

            Product is completely thawed upon arrival: 

            Immediately check the temperature of the product.

            ▪ If the product is 40 degrees or below: It is safe to refreeze and use at a later date!
            If the product is above 40 degrees: It is not safe to consume and should be discarded.
            Should this unfortunate situation occur with your product, we ask that you first take photos of the spoiled product and then reach out to our team immediately to let us know. We provide a 100% guarantee, meaning a full refund or product replacement. Only dispose of the salmon if it is warm to the touch and definitely above 40 degrees. Salmon that is thawed but still cool and below 40 degrees is still considered safe to use.

              Pride of Bristol Bay Has you Covered - Even Today!

              While today’s shipping and supply chain issues have many people worried about ordering perishable products, we at Pride of Bristol Bay have nothing but peace of mind and quality product to offer. With a fishermen-direct supply-chain system dedicated to quality, unique & sustainable packing techniques and our 100% guarantee, ordering our wild Alaskan sockeye salmon to your door can be as simple as checking that last item off your shopping list.

              Alternatively, if you’re having the opposite problem and want to dig into your frozen fish the second it arrives, be sure to check out our article “How long does frozen salmon take to thaw?”

              Let’s Go Fishing!

              Now that you’ve got your checklist AND our 100% guarantee, it’s time to get ordering! Click here to place your order for our wild Alaskan sockeye salmon fillets or portions and receive your case as early as next week!


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