March 10, 2021

How many dinners in a 10lb box of salmon?

Buying ten pounds of anything can feel like a commitment; at Pride of Bristol Bay, we sell in larger volumes in order to keep our product affordable, and because we’ve found that our customers are ready to eat salmon often and burn through a few boxes every year! When considering the investment of a 10lb box, here are a few things to consider. 

Ten pounds of salmon is just over 26 restaurant portions of fish. That means if you ate one portion of your sockeye salmon twice a week, you’d go through your box in about three months. If two of you ate salmon twice a week - think one at-home date night, one lunch portion, and one on-the-go camping portion for the fisherman or hunter in the family - then it’d only take you about 6-8 weeks to eat up a box of the most pristine and wild seafood from Bristol Bay, Alaska. 

We have found that our customers appreciate the accessibility of having a freezer full and begin turning to fish as the easy option after a few weeks of having it on hand. If you have any questions about buying in bulk, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 570-317-2200. 

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