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Ordering will open June 15th - August 31st 2021

Buying Club SALMON PORTIONS 20 lb case • $14.99/lb

Because our sockeye salmon is cut from whole fillets, each box will contain a variety of collar, center and tail pieces.

Buying Club Locations

Truckee/Lake Tahoe - Oct 9th

Boise - Sept 26th
Sun Valley - Sept 25th

Burlington - Oct 1st
Middlebury - Oct 3rd
Waitsfield - Oct 2nd

Seattle - Sept 25th

Jackson Hole - Oct 2nd

Specific Pick-up Time & Locations Coming Soon!

Buying Club SALMON FILLETS 20 lb case • $13.99/lb

Pride of Bristol Bay appreciates your business and strives to provide the highest quality in sockeye salmon and service. We take pride in how we catch, handle, and store our fish to ensure the quality that our customers deserve.

  • What Makes Our Buying Clubs Special?
  • What:A buying club allows you to pre-order your sockeye at a significant discount!
  • Where: We currently have eight club locations: CA - Truckee/Lake Tahoe, ID - Boise & Sun Valley, VT - Burlington, Middlebury, & Waitsfield, WA - Seattle, and WY - Jackson Hole.
  • Why: These special events allow bulk delivery to a single location which is more cost-effective, allowing you to receive your salmon at a lower cost per pound. An excellent value for a premium product!


Why is 20 lbs better?

  • Wild Salmon for the People: We want to create a model that makes our wild salmon affordable, so it can become a part of your weekly protein regimen.
  • Shop Responsibly: Sockeye salmon for dinner? Don’t drive to the store, walk to your freezer! Our modern freezing and vacuum pack technology keeps our wild salmon tasting fresh and flavorful for well over a year.
  • Shop and Share: If 20 pounds of salmon is too much for your freezer, share a case with a friend and enjoy all the benefits and savings in a smaller space.


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