March 10, 2021

How many servings are there in a salmon fillet?

Most salmon fillets can feed three or four people. The size of the fillet will depend on the species of fish; at Pride of Bristol Bay, we sell sockeye salmon because it’s what we harvest during the summer months of June and July in Bristol Bay, Alaska. It is also delicious, nutritious and has a firmer texture than other salmon species like Coho (Silver), Keta (Chum), or pink salmon. A restaurant portion of salmon is 5-7 ounces, and our sockeye salmon fillets average 24 ounces, or a pound and a half. 

If you are thinking of nutritional servings and nutrients per serving, most agencies think of a salmon serving as a half portion, or 3.5oz - like this WebMD explanation, which says there are 200 calories and loads of nutrients and Omega-3s in a half portion of salmon. 

Depending on how hungry you are, a fillet can feed three to four people one meal or just two with leftovers for salmon salad. Our Bristol Bay sockeye salmon portions are portioned to feed one person, or maybe two light-eaters. A ten pound box of our sockeye salmon fillets can feed a family of four 6-8 dinners, which averages to be about a $6 protein main per person! 

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