Why Our Wild Sockeye Salmon


Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s Bristol Bay Salmon Management Plan is recognized as one of the most effective, comprehensive management regimes in the world and the cornerstone of resource stewardship in Bristol Bay…. For all species, for the ecosystem, forever.


We collaborate with Leader Creek Fisheries, utilizing their coding, sorting and inventory technology and follow our wild salmon from the point of harvest to your door. Each 20 lb case of our wild, Bristol Bay Sockeye fillets or portions is marked with name of the Bristol Bay fishing district in which they were harvested, providing you a level of traceability that is absolutely unprecedented. #knowyourfish

Premium Quality

There are 1400+  boats that fish commercially in Bristol Bay every summer. We are part of a unique, dedicated fleet of fewer than 100 boats that since 1994 has consistently produced the very highest quality, fresh frozen wild salmon in all of Bristol Bay.

Every salmon we catch is bled immediately after being removed from our nets, then submerged in 33 degree circulating seawater. This guarantees unblemished, rich-tasting, firm flesh – wild Sockeye salmon at its very finest!

Filleted, flash-frozen and vacuum-sealed with cutting edge processing technology, our fresh frozen wild salmon is ready for you to cook, create and Savor Bristol Bay!

I have been designing and developing salmon quality control programs for fishermen and processors for more than 15 years. The program that drives quality requirements for this dedicated fleet of fishermen is second to none in Bristol Bay.

Specialists verify strict quality standards each time a boat delivers its catch. If the vessel’s salmon fall short of any of our quality criteria, they don’t earn the “Best Fish” designation for that delivery. Only the best fillets are then hand selected, vacuum sealed, and flash frozen for Pride of Bristol Bay customers. This attention to detail is your assurance that you’ll be serving your friends and family the very finest wild sockeye salmon.

Mark Buckley – President: Digital Observers
Kodiak, Alaska

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