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Wild Bristol Bay Sockeye Fillets or Portions Includes Free Shipping Individually Vacuum Packed Shipped in an Insulated Box with Dry Ice Always Arrives Frozen at Your Door - SOLD OUT FOR THE SEASON - THANK YOU! ORDERING WILL RE-OPEN SEPTEMBER 1ST
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  • Wild Alaskan Salmon fillet, caught from Bristol Bay, Alaska.
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  • Why Our Salmon:
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Our salmon is sustainably harvested in one of the purest ecosystems left on earth, Bristol Bay AK
We offer premium grade salmon handled with the utmost care.

  • • As we catch the salmon, we remove them from our nets using slides/trampolines to reduce bruising.
  • • A crew member bleeds each fish by hand, and then they are placed in refrigerated holds of 33 degrees circulating seawater.
  • • Our handling practices are designed to preserve our catch's quality and pure nature. Guaranteeing unblemished, rich tasting, firm wild sockeye.
  • • Every 10 hours, we offload our fish into a larger crab boat for immediate tender.
  • • Once at the processor, it is quickly filleted, flash frozen, and vacuum sealed to capture the "direct from the boat" flavor.
  • • We then sell our catch directly to consumers across the country.

Traceability - Each case can be traced back to the river district which the fish are harvested.

  • • We collaborate with Leader Creek Fisheries utilizing their coding, sorting and inventory technology.
  • • We follow our wild salmon from the point of harvest to your door.
  • • Each case of our wild, Bristol Bay Sockeye fillets or portions is marked with the name of the Bristol Bay fishing district in which they were harvested. Providing you a level of traceability that is absolutely unprecedented.


Salmon Nutrition Facts
  • Wild Salmon for the People: We created a model that makes Alaska wild-caught salmon affordable, so it can become a regular part of your weekly protein regimen.
  • Shop Responsibly: Sockeye salmon for dinner? Don’t drive to the store, walk to your freezer! The most current freezing and vacuum pack technology maintains the flavor and freshness of Pride of Bristol Bay wild-caught salmon for well over a year.
  • Shop and Share: Is a case of salmon too much to fit in your freezer? Consider sharing with a friend and enjoy all the benefits and savings in a smaller space.