January 25, 2017

Save Bristol Bay, SAY NO to Pebble Mine

Friends, It has never been more important to stand up for Bristol Bay. The stock of the sole investor in the Pebble “Partnership" has tripled since Election Day. And, recent news stories have talked about Pebble’s newfound confidence to move their mine forward.  width=But they know we’re a force. Pebble execs said of the millions of Americans who oppose the project, “The company will still have to deal with that apart from the technical aspects of the project.” …Um, yes. We’re not going to make it easy on them. Bristol Bay is too important for us to sit back now. Please take action today. Click here if you live in Alaska or here if you live in the Lower 48. We’ve come too far to let Pebble get a free pass to destroy the salmon rivers and American jobs that so many people depend on. We need you to continue to say loud and clear that Pebble is the wrong mine in the wrong place. We’re going to need you this year to tell the world again and again that the Pebble Partnership is not wanted in Alaska. A good start is by signing one of these petitions today: 1.  If you live in Alaska, send this letter to the Walker Administration. 2.  If you live in the Lower 48, sign this letter to President Trump. We all know Bristol Bay salmon are a world-class resource and the foundation of culture for local tribes and communities, a hunting and angling paradise, and the platform on which a $1.5 billion economy that supports 14,000 full and part-time American jobs is built. We need you to help make sure we don’t trade Bristol Bay’s cultures, jobs and economy for a risky and temporary mining project. Rest assured here at Save Bristol Bay we are committed as we ever have been to protecting Bristol Bay – join us! Sincerely,
Jenny Weis Save Bristol Bay

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