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Why Our Salmon: Sustainability

Pride of Bristol Bay sockeye salmon is sustainably harvested in one of the purest ecosystems left on earth — Bristol Bay, Alaska. In fact, the Bristol Bay Salmon Management Plan, overseen by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, is recognized as one of the most effective and comprehensive management regimes in the world. In Bristol Bay, it is known as the cornerstone of resource stewardship. Not only does it cultivate and protect the region's salmon, but it includes the support of all species in the ecosystem, forever.
For more information on the Bristol Bay Salmon Management Plan, click here.
While fishing season is only a few short months, our crew ensures the highest quality salmon will be delivered to your door. Otherwise, we offer a handful of buying clubs around the U.S. The entire process — from catching the fish to shipping it nationwide, Pride of Bristol Bay is proud of the salmon you receive. If you're interested, you can read posts about Bristol Bay, our fishing season, and what is going on with pebble mine by visiting
In the meantime, we’d like to announce our two brand new buying clubs! This September, you will find us in the Midwest. On September 18th, we’ll be in Rochester, MN, and on September 21st, we'll be in Cedar Rapids, IA.
Here’s to sustainably harvested, wild caught sockeye salmon! Reserve your share today.

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