March 24, 2022

Air Fried Sockeye Salmon Street Tacos


  • Sockeye Salmon Portion(s) (Fresh or Leftover)
  • Street taco sized tortillas (may substitute for burrito tortilla)
  • Salt and Pepper to Taste
  • Seasoning of choice
  • Olive Oil
  • Taco Sauce, Salsa, Spread or Cream Sauce of Choice



Watch Director of Business Development Dustin cook up some deliciously easy air fried salmon street tacos for a quick, flavorful and healthful lunch!

Street tacos are a classic dish that work for all occasions. From Game Day appetizers to family dinners or buffet style meals with friends, these dishes allow for a little protein with a lot of flavor.  While you can use a variety of proteins for street tacos, we are most interested in finding the perfect salmon taco - one that lacks the usual carbohydrate overload without losing the delicious flavor for a healthy diet.

With the recent resurface of the at-home air fryer, we are seeing all sorts of unique, new air fryer recipes pop up these days. New experiments like air fryer artichoke, to air fryer cabbage, and even air fryer oranges. Our question is - can we find an air fried salmon recipe that is not only full of nutrition and tastes good, but works for folks busy on the go.

Dustin, our Director of Business here a Pride of Bristol Bay certainly thinks so.

Continuing his “less meat, more wild-caught seafood protein” journey from our Fishing in February challenge,  Dustin has been on a roll for quick, easy salmon recipes that are much more approachable to those who are still getting used to fish as food. While many restaurants offer fish tacos on their menu, the dish usually uses white fish and may not include a wild-caught fish source - a dealbreaker for our wild-caught seafood only challenge. And for someone who hated seafood just two years ago, Dustin was looking for a meal that can be incorporated into a healthy diet plan and works as either a side dish or dinner for the whole family. A breakfast taco option was not off the table, either.

Enter Air Fried Sockeye Salmon Street Tacos. Enjoying our naturally flavorful wild Alaskan salmon on the go with your favorite salsa, corn tortilla, dipping sauce & taco seasoning has never been easier. Move over air fried salmon bites - salmon tacos are here to stay!

1) Preheat air fryer to 400 degrees
2) Thaw 1 - 2 portions of wild Alaskan sockeye salmon (tailpiece and middle portions work best).
3) Coat thawed salmon with olive oil by rubbing into each portion to lock in moisture.
4) Season portions with salt, pepper and seasoning of choice.
5) Cook salmon for 6-8 minutes, removing smaller pieces from the air fryer a minute or two early as they become cooked to your liking. Note: For smaller air fryers, cook 2 portions at a time in order to avoid overcrowding the air fryer.
6) While the salmon cooks, prep tortillas with preferred spread or sauce.
7) Once salmon is cooked, use a fork to separate portions into smaller, bite sized pieces.
8) Add salmon to prepared tortillas and enjoy!

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