December 09, 2021

What to expect and inspect when your wild Alaskan salmon shipment arrives

For many first-time wild salmon customers, the typical question we receive is “What should I expect when my shipment arrives?” While it seems like shipping wild Alaskan salmon directly to your door could be somewhat complicated - it’s really quite simple!

Upon your shipment’s arrival, you’ll receive a box with dry ice, insulation and your sockeye fillets or portions, depending on your order. Be careful to handle the dry ice properly as you remove your frozen product. Dispose of the dry ice safely, and reuse the insulation and box for pet beds, lunchboxes, storage, etc.!

In this interior Pride of Bristol Bay branded box, you’ll find your wild Alaskan sockeye fillets or portions. Take each item out and check that all are properly sealed, with no visible bruising or issues.

Please note: Even if some of your individually vacuum packed items are beginning to thaw around the edges, all salmon is safe to eat so long as it has some frost and/or is under 40 degrees F. Check out our recent blog, Shipping Salmon in Today’s world, for more details on how to inspect your product and to use our Salmon Shipment Arrival Checklist.

Once you have confirmed all fillets or portions have arrived in proper condition, it’s time to store them in the freezer (don’t forget to leave one out to thaw for dinner)!

New this year, we’ve distributed 20lb orders headed to the midwest or west coast into two separate Pride of Bristol Bay boxes in order to make storage easier for those with a standard size freezer. Stack them together or distribute them between two shelves (or two freezers!) to keep them easily accessible. This will also protect them from being bumped and bruised by other freezer items. Each 10lb box measures 18” (L) x 12” (W) x 4” (H), meaning the depth of the box will fit easily within most standard home freezers.

We recommend you keep your freezer at the lowest temperature possible in order to help keep the oils within the salmon frozen. This will help keep that deliciously fresh flavor over time as you thaw and enjoy each piece of your wild-caught sockeye!



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