March 10, 2021

My box has some tail pieces, why? And what can I do with them?

The short answer: keep on cooking! Wild sockeye salmon tail pieces are full of the same delicious flavor and nutrients that are present in the rest of the fish. We understand that a tail piece may be smaller or a more tapered cut than a different portion of our Bristol Bay sockeye. Let us explain how we get our portions and why we sell those that are tail pieces. 

Our Bristol Bay sockeye portions are cut from Bristol Bay sockeye fillets and are thus the high-quality and nutritious product you can expect from us here at Pride of Bristol Bay. From each fish, we can get two fillets that average about 1.5lbs and are about 16-18inches long. In order to portion these fillets into 5-7oz servings, we cut the fillet into three or four pieces depending on the size. Because our wild salmon is a totally natural product, the size of the fillet and thus the size of the portions is variable. 

As a company founded on sustainability, it is not reasonable for us to throw out the tail pieces simply because they are a bit smaller than the rest of the fillet. This would force us to operate at an economic loss which would mean higher pieces for you. Further, we value the importance of using the whole fish. Some customers report that receiving a few tail pieces in each box is perfect for the smaller meals, like lunch. 

Please feel free to enjoy the wild salmon tail piece just as you would any other cut of fish; because a tail piece is often thinner, you may want to cook a thinner piece for shorter intervals than your recipe calls for in order to enjoy it as much as possible.  

At Elma’s fishcamp, she remembers the crew fighting over the tailpiece because our fresh fillets at fishcamp are not pin-boned and the tail piece is the only one that naturally does not contain any small bones. Second, you may notice that the tail piece is fatty, which in the salmon world means good flavor and good Omega-3s. Or, at the Kurian household, the tail pieces are saved for the kids, Ava and Tommy, who prefer their fish more well-done. 

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