March 20, 2020

5 Main advantages of Flash Freezing?

5 Main advantages of Flash Freezing?

 1) Flash-freezing is an accelerated process in which fish are frozen very quickly within 25-35 hours after they're harvested. It uses ultra-low temperatures so that the fish are processed and frozen solid in a matter of hours, not days.

2) Flash-freezing maintains the “look and feel” of salmon, without the use of artificial preservatives.  It maintains the deep red color and texture that fishermen experience on the boat.

3) Flash freezing extends the shelf life of the fish by freezing them in a fresher state.

4) Flash-freezing locks in the nutrition, texture, and flavor that you would expect from premium wild salmon.

5) Properly frozen and stored Flash-frozen salmon will be virtually indistinguishable from fresh salmon to all but the most distinguishing palates.

This is why Pride of Bristol Bay Flash Frozen Wild Salmon is the BEST?

Our salmon is sustainably harvested in one of the purest ecosystems left on earth, Bristol Bay AK. We offer premium grade salmon handled with the utmost care.

As we catch the salmon, we remove them from our nets using slides/trampolines to reduce bruising. A crew member bleeds each fish by hand, and then they are placed in refrigerated holds of 33 degrees circulating seawater. Our handling practices are designed to preserve our catch's quality and pure nature. Guaranteeing unblemished, rich-tasting, firm wild sockeye. In fact, every 10 hours, we offload our fish onto larger boats to be transported to the processing plant into a larger crab boat for immediate tender. Once at the processor, it is quickly filleted, flash-frozen, and vacuum-sealed to capture the "direct from the boat" flavor.  We practice some of the highest quality handling standards in the state, carefully hand harvesting each and every fish that comes on board. 

We are proud to be one of the 100 boats that make up the Leader Creek fleet, Leader Creek has state of the art equipment for filleting, freezing, and packaging is the best in Bristol Bay, producing beautiful wild salmon fillets for 20 years. They have never canned fish, focusing on providing premium fresh, and fresh-frozen, fillets. 



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