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  • Alaska’s Bristol Bay is 3,614 miles from Burlington as the crow flies, and a world away in terms of its remote landscape of swirling gray water and snow-capped peaks. But it’s a place a growing number of Vermonters are getting to know, thanks to fisherman Matt Luck’s business selling wild-caught
  • All salmon is not created equal. Alaska’s Bristol Bay is home to the world’s largest wild, sustainable sockeye salmon run—in basketball terms, it’s like the recruiting classes from Duke, North Carolina, Kansas, and Kentucky all in one place. In 2015, over 50 million wild sockeye returned to the five fishing
  • Bristol Bay, Alaska watershed benefits from Pride of Bristol Bay partnership. ANCHORAGE, AK – Today, Pride of Bristol Bay will begin accepting online reservations for its Buying Club, delivering sustainable Bristol Bay sockeye direct to consumers and chefs in communities across the country including Hailey, Ketchum and Boise, Idaho; Jackson,
  • There was excitement last year on North Haven when fisherman Matt Luck arrived with fresh sockeye salmon. Caught far away in the chilly waters of Alaska’s Bristol Bay, why were islanders cheering? “If you are going to buy salmon from Maine, it’s farmed salmon. This is very different. Everyone got
  • Forward by Jenny Weis Matt Luck approached us at Save Bristol Bay early last year and pitched the idea of his new business, Pride of Bristol Bay. He described that his goal was to deliver sustainable, delicious Bristol Bay salmon directly to consumers across the U.S. He also mentioned that
  • COMMENTARY: FISHING AROUND Darren Saletta owns Monomoy Sportfishing out of Chatham and fishes commercially, too. Now he’s got a line on some Alaskan salmon that he wants to tell you about. “You’re supporting small boat commercial fishermen,” says Saletta. “It’s basically a community supported fishery model for other sustainable fisheries