We Hosted A Party. Here’s What You Need to Know!

Hi there, I’m Candy, a wild salmon lover and a big supporter of Pride of Bristol Bay. As we talk about the threat of Pebble Mine, I’m not sure how you feel about it, but I would hope your thoughts mirror my feelings. The possibility of losing the world’s most beautiful and plentiful sockeye salmon watershed is terrifying. So, we told our friends about it. My husband and I then hosted 12 of our friends to talk about the threat of Pebble, as well as share the bounty of Bristol Bay, Alaska.

The feedback was unanimous, “Why is this even a thought?” We heard that question quite a few times throughout the evening. So, from the moment that our first friends showed up, to the moment the last friends left, we had a great evening of educating, discussing, and indulging.

The takeaway and the FAQ’s from the evening.

First, we heard that the smoked salmon and dip was the best our friends had ever had (Bravo, Captain Steve!). Then we heard that the salmon was the most flavorful, yet not over powering, salmon they had eaten. Not to mention the color blew most of them away. Generally speaking, everyone knew about the beauty of wild caught Alaskan sockeye salmon, but to experience it in the context of the Pebble threat really put it into perspective for most.

Second, we were being asked “what can we do to help?” That answer was simple, and you can do it as well. Visit savebristolbay.org to take action and sigh up for updates so that you’re in the know, and can spread the word among your friend groups.

Question 1: Why is this even conversation today? Savebristolbay.org explains it best!

Question 2: Why in Bristol Bay? Along with being a watershed plentiful with sockeye salmon, there are also precious metals in the land around Bristol Bay.

Question 3: What is the big deal? If Pebble receives their permit and breaks ground, it would pave the way for many other mines.

Question 4: Would this mine also impact the animals in the area? Yes, Bristol Bay is huge, and is home to numerous birds of prey, brown bears, and other fish. All of which would be impacted greatly by the mine.

Question 5: How can we get more of this delicious salmon that you cooked for us tonight? Visit prideofbristolbay.com and have the choice of ordering portions or fillets, delivered directly to your door.

To sum it up, your voice does matter! We were shocked by the engagement and knowledge from our friends about Pebble. Continue to spread the word and help us fight a battle worth fighting.

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Bristol Bay

A Reminder to Help Save Bristol Bay!

I’m sure you’ve heard about the incredible fishing season we’re having in Bristol Bay this year. We’re on track to harvest a record number of salmon returning to this pristine region as they have for generations. Simply put, Bristol Bay, Alaska is home to one of the last great salmon fisheries on the planet and it’s up to us to ensure it stays that way. Maybe you’re thinking…haven’t we already done that? Unfortunately not yet.

The EPA is now working to erase the critical protections we have already supported for Bristol Bay time and time again. Just this week, an official EPA comment period has opened and they need to hear from you.

Please take a moment to submit your official comment to the EPA and tell them to stand with American jobs and communities, and NOT withdraw their proposed protections for Bristol Bay.

The salmon, wildlife, people, and jobs of Bristol Bay are STILL threatened by the proposed Pebble gold and copper mine. The EPA needs to hear again that hundreds of thousands of people across America STILL support protections for wild salmon in Bristol Bay.

Click here to submit your official comment to the EPA and tell them that Bristol Bay is too important to risk.

Thank you,

The Folks at Pride of Bristol Bay and Save Bristol Bay

Pebble Mine

Good Morning Bristol Bay Wild Salmon Lovers

Good Morning Bristol Bay Wild Salmon Lovers,

It is going to a beautiful day in Bristol Bay. As we prepare our boats and nets for the 2017 harvest that will soon bring rich, red sockeye fillets to your table, there is a CRISIS looming.

For the past decade our friends at Alaska Region Trout Unlimited have been tireless advocates for the cold water fisheries habitat in the Bristol Bay watershed. Their Save Bristol Bay campaign has been the foundation of a national collaboration of thousands of businesses and hundreds of thousands of individual stakeholders that want nothing more than stewardship and responsible management for the world class wild salmon resource in Bristol Bay. The proposed Pebble Mine and all the associated impacts of developing a huge, hard rock sulfide, open pit mine in the watershed put the core asset of Bristol Bay; it amazing wild salmon resource at significant risk.

Through the pubic process the EPA has received over 1.5 million comments with the same clear message: Pebble mine never, Bristol Bay forever. The EPA listened and took steps to ensure Bristol Bay salmon, jobs, and culture would be protected from Pebble.

Unfortunately, the EPA and The Pebble Partnership, influenced by the agenda of the current administration, recently made a deal that could undo the proposed protections for Bristol Bay that so many of us requested and Bristol Bay so desperately needs.

Administrator Pruitt needs to be reminded that the majority of Alaskans and millions of Americans who enjoy wild, Bristol Bay salmon do not want the region to be destroyed by Pebble mine. PLEASE Tell the EPA today: DO NOT rollback the proposed protections for Bristol Bay.

Please tell EPA’s administrator, Scott Pruitt, NOT to silence the voices of millions of Americans. Send your message by clicking here.

You can also contact The EPA director Puitt by phone via phone (202.564.4700) or you can send a letter/email like: 

Dear Administrator Pruitt:

More than 1.5 million Americans wrote to the EPA asking for strong protections for Bristol Bay. Withdrawing the proposed determination would fly in the face of an overwhelming majority of Alaskans and put the short-term interests of a foreign mining company above thousands of American jobs. We are writing you today to ask that you stand with American jobs and communities and not withdraw the proposed determination.

Alaskans asked for the EPA’s involvement and for up-front protections for Bristol Bay’s jobs and fisheries. Please do not trade American businesses and jobs and our wild salmon for the shallow promises of a foreign mining company.

Signed, ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_____________

Thank you so much for your help with this and we look forward to sharing this summer’s harvest with you in a few short months! You can stay current with the Pebble Mine issue by visiting www.savebristolbay.org and signing up for email updates and newsletters.


The Folks at Pride of Bristol Bay