• The fishermen of Pride of Bristol Bay saw a busy, successful season!  “Patience is the word of the year.”  Most people will never know the intensity of working on a gill netter in Alaska; it is a unique and exciting experience! We wanted to give you our take on the
  • Wild Sockeye
    Dear loyal customers and wild salmon lovers, We are thrilled to announce that — in just a few short weeks — we will begin shipping our wild-caught, Bristol Bay Sockeye fillets and portions directly to your door. We had another fantastic summer harvesting Sockeye salmon in Bristol Bay and the resource is as strong as
  • We take pride in following our wild salmon from the point of harvest to your door. To do so, we collaborate with Leader Creek Fisheries, utilizing their coding, sorting, and inventory technology. Each 10lb or 20lb-case of wild, Bristol Bay Sockeye fillets/portions are marked with the name of the Bristol
  • Every summer, there are 1400+ boats that fish commercially in Bristol Bay. However, Pride of Bristol Bay is a part of a unique, dedicated fleet of fewer than 100 boats – and their fishermen consistently produce the highest quality, fresh-frozen, wild Sockeye salmon. Since 1994, this dedicated fleet has upheld
  • Pride of Bristol Bay sockeye salmon is sustainably harvested in one of the purest ecosystems left on earth — Bristol Bay, Alaska. In fact, the Bristol Bay Salmon Management Plan, overseen by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, is recognized as one of the most effective and comprehensive management regimes in
  • Boat life
    Boat mornings are not too different from a morning in central Pennsylvania or Jackson Hole. There’s the slow rise of the sun, the hot coffee, greetings from nearby friends or family. But, on the boat in the middle of Bristol Bay, there’s something else…a little something else that makes the