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Share the Love - Date Night In

Execute the perfect evening in for Valentine's Day! Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, are you ready? Why spend the time going out when you can create your own special date night in? We're here to help with your planning and execution so you'll help be sure to impress that special someone.  First, pick your theme for the night, we highly recommend a wine bar at home theme. If going with the wine bar at home idea, a pinot noir is a great pairing with any salmon dish. You can get a full list of pairing recommendations here. Second, make sure you have a filet of Pride of Bristol Bay wild caught Sockeye Salmon thawed and ready for your night. If you're in need of another case, click here! Third, pick the ideal dish to prepare. Our Caraway Salmon with Rye Berry and Beet Salad is a top five favorite, and perfect for your date night in. Finally, end the evening with a dessert wine and movie of choice. Most importantly as Valentine's Day approaches, do not forget what that special person loves, from flowers to chocolates to salmon, have a little surprise to accompany your evening in.