April 29, 2019

NEW From Fed Fit: Cook Once, Eat All Week

Our good friend Cassy from Fed & Fit has just released a fantastic new book that will make your life easier. Cook Once, Eat All Week is a meal prep method designed to save your time, money, and sanity, and is truly different from other meal prep methods out there. So far, we have started with the first week of the book and the recipes are amazing, and the time saved in the evenings have been huge. With the longer days of summer among us, the time is valuable and it's allowing more time to be spent with the family. Keep your eye out in the next couple weeks for a complete review, in the meantime head over to amazon and purchase her book. What's Included in the Book 6 Months worth of Dinners The book contains 26 weeks-worth of gluten free meals that can all easily be modified to multiple dietary needs. In total there are:
  • 8 weeks of low carb-friendly meals
  • 23 weeks of grain-free and Paleo-friendly meals
  • 25 weeks of dairy-free meals
  • 24 weeks of egg-free meals
  • 25 weeks of nut-free meals
Supplemental Recipes Cassy and her team have also included a chapter of supplemental recipes with 45 quick and easy recipes for proteins, starches, and veggies that you can use for extra meals throughout the week. These are perfect for times when you haven't prepped and just need dinner in a pinch! Storage and Reheating Tips In addition to the recipes, they are there to tell you everything you need to know about storing, freezing, and reheating your meals so you're never left guessing. Visit Fed & Fit for more information.

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