June 27, 2019

Grilled Pride of Bristol Bay Salmon and Wine Pairing

With summer in full swing, we’ve been asked a few times – what wines pair well with Pride of Bristol Bay salmon? The answer: think light and bright. Our Sockeye salmon is such a luscious and tasty fish, that when grilled, you will want to pair it with a richer white or a lighter red wine. Generally speaking, oaky wines are a bit too “oaky” to pair with salmon, but when grilling, a light oaked wine is a beautiful match. That said, let’s start with reds. A pinot noir is a classic pairing, and one that you can’t go wrong with. Pinot noirs traditionally have a light spice with a hint of cherry – ranging from fruity to vegetative, and barnyard-y to dense. The spice tends to come from being aged in an oak barrel. These flavors pair well when the fish is grilled over charcoal or planked with a hardwood. If you’re looking for the perfect grilling recipe, click here to view one of our favorites. As for selecting an excellent pinot noir, ask your local wine sommelier for recommendations. If you  live near a local vineyard, try out theirs! Next, onto white wine (we’ll come back and visit the rosé shortly). For a delicious white wine pairing, we’re sticking with the pinot family and selecting a pinot gris. With the history of pinot gris wines in the U.S., we’re not surprised that they bode well with our salmon. Commonly, these wines are produced in the Pacific Northwest, and this region also happens to be the largest connoisseur of our Sockeye salmon. A pinot gris flavor profile pairs favorably with a grilled salmon salad – view recipe here on the blog! Finally, we’re talking rosé. To us, rosé is the epitome of summer. The full-fruit body flavor profile of a great rosé is hard to beat. While rosés go well with most summer dishes, we are particularly biased when it comes to pairing bottles of rosé with our grilled Sockeye salmon and a summer dinner party. For a themed party, try pairing rosé with our taco recipe. You won’t be disappointed. Now, what’s the wait? Tag us in your photos this summer with #prideofbristolbay. If you don’t already follow us on social media, you’ll be inspired! Our handle is @prideofbristolbay on both Facebook and Instagram. Lastly, our local buying clubs are now open for pre-order. Click here for more information and to reserve your share today.

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