February 19, 2021

Fisherpoets Gathering - Virtual Pandemic Edition

Later this week, some of the saltiest people we know will step out of their comfort zones and into the virtual realm to spill their guts and pull on some heart-strings at the 24th annual FisherPoets Gathering...now virtual! 

Click the blue links on this info page to tune in on 

Thursday, February 25th 6-9:30pm

Friday, February 26th 6-9:30pm

Saturday, February 27th 6-9:30pm

As the Astoria, OR organizers put it, “Well, there's nothing to do but stay anchored up in the cove or tied up in the harbor visiting on the radio as we wait out this blow. Everyone's welcome to listen in, though. Join us for a virtual FisherPoets Gathering this time, a slimmed-down version that, nonetheless, offers a truly singular occasion to catch everyone for a change.” 


Typically, the FisherPoets Gathering weekend welcomes just over 100 performers over two nights with bars and theaters of this coastal fishing town filled to the gills with fisherfolk and admirers alike. Because of the original scheduling, there were always tough decisions to be made as attendees picked their line-ups. This year, in the virtual format, there is no overlap - thus the rare opportunity to “catch them all.” 


Co-founder Jon Broderick is a Bristol Bay fisherman, but you’ll also hear from fisherfolks along the whole west coast who haul crab pots, set jig lines or some who gave it up years ago but still sing a mean shanty. Again thanks to the digital format, you may hear from a few more east coasters this year as well. 


All the information about the February 25th-27th event can be found here, along with the In The Tote archive of past FisherPoets performances. To learn more about the tradition of FisherPoets and how this weekend came to be a favorite among west coast fishermen and friends, you can read For a Weekend, Fishermen Measure Haul in Verse from the New York Times in 2009. 

To get a taste of what to expect on the webinar later this month, start this video at 10 minutes. You’ll hear Max Broderick ruminate about the transition from commercial fisherman to fly fisherman. 

He begins with, “I used to think sport fishermen were cute…” As commercial fishers, who are slowly learning the patience of catching fish one by one, this is some poetry that speaks our language here at Pride of Bristol Bay! 


Our very own, Elma Burnham, will be keeping the boat afloat as MC on Friday evening. 

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