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Enter the Giveaway: What’s Your Favorite Fishing Story?

As we make our way back to Alaska for the fishing season, we want to know about your favorite fishing memories. Are your favorite stories out in the ocean, on a river or lake, or at a local pond? Wherever it may be, we want to know! Simply submit your favorite stories by clicking here or visiting StoryOnce your story is submitted, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a grouping of hand tied fly’s by Bob Erickson. Bob spends his spare time tying various flies, and it’s a great way for him to spend his winter. Bob is truly a fly fishing addict – in the best way possible! Bob has made numerous trips to remote rivers around the world to fish. He also spends quite a bit of time fishing the remote rivers around Bristol Bay, where he is passionate about protecting the wild fish in such a beautiful, untamed place. So, you’re probably wondering, why are we giving away these flies from Bob? Well, he’s a great friend of ours and we truly enjoy his support. We want you to enjoy your summer with these flies. To get you started here are a couple of favorite fishing stories from our crew. “It's difficult for me to pick a ‘favorite fishing memory’ because for me, fishing is synonymous with all of these: fishcamp, Bristol Bay, summer, fishing friends, spending time on the water, etc. Fishing is what we call our summers in Bristol Bay, and it feels too much like routine life, work, and livelihood to pick out a favorite. That said, to answer this question, I thought about the few times I fished when it wasn’t work-related. Perhaps a surprise to some, but for me, it is really just a few times. A favorite that stands out is fishing off the coast of my hometown, following a commercial salmon season. The bonito were running up past New England in late summer, and my uncle was excited to try his hand at catching one or two for sport. I had very little memory of exploring my hometown with the critical, search-determined eye of a fisherman, like I am now very familiar with in Bristol Bay. However, I was eager to try it out in the waters I knew well. So, my uncle obliged and took me and an Alaska friend who was visiting Long Island Sound. Each fish species is so unique. While seeing a school of 100 or so bonito tuna – stirring up the surface of the water – is so different than seeing the jumpers of Bristol Bay, the feelings of enthusiasm are similar. I was the only one who caught (& released!) one that day.” – Elma (Bellingham, Washington) “My favorite fishing memory…wow, that’s hard to pin down. But I would say, spending time on Owyhee Reservoir with family comes to mind. Not only are we making memories, but we’re catching crappie left and right. To this day, there are certain songs I’ll hear that bring back some of those favorite times of riding in the boat up the reservoir to the secret fishing hole.” – Candy (Ketchum, Idaho) “While my earliest fishing memory is from when I was eight years old – my dad and I went salmon fishing in the San Francisco-Bay – my most favorite memory is from last summer. Out of Kawaihae harbor on the Big Island, Hawaii, my dad, brother, and I set sail down the coast in search of deep-sea tuna and wahoo (ono). Not even 30 minutes into our fishing trip, my line started singing. I jumped down from the top deck and braced myself for what was to come. While reeling in my 20-lb ono was mentally and physically exhausting, it was worth the fight. We enjoyed the freshest sashimi that night, but most importantly, I’ll never forget how proud my dad was.” – Edie Horstman (Denver, Colorado) Alright – it’s your turn! Share your favorite memories here. P.S. those memories do not have to be salmon fishing memories! We’ll be selecting a random winner on June 30th! Good luck, we cannot wait to read and share your stories! Happy fishing.

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