November 18, 2021

Black Friday Sale!

Black Friday Weekend Deal: Black Friday (11/26) - Cyber Monday (11/29) 
10% off all shipping orders! 
Use code SALMONSPREE at checkout


It wouldn't be a Black Friday sale without a sale on Black Friday, right?! Our Black Friday Sale will run Friday November 26th - Monday November 29th for 10% off all shipping orders. This deal is great for folks who needed to clear out some freezer space this November and are planning to make their December holiday season full of wild-caught sustainable protein like our wild Alaskan salmon.

Place order by 11:59pm on Cyber Monday to secure your sockeye supply for December!

Code for Black Friday Weekend: SALMONSPREE (apply at checkout)

Why Buy Wild this holiday season? Here are 5 reasons why.

 1. Wild salmon offer incredible nutrition for a healthy lifestyle. Packed full of omega-3s, antioxidants and vitamin-D, wild fish are lower in calories and higher in many vitamins and minerals like potassium, zinc, and calcium than their farmed counterparts.

2. Wild salmon are the product of their environment - clean, natural, wild and fresh! The sockeye salmon we catch spend their entire lives navigating the wild rivers and oceans of Alaska, rather than being born and raised in human-made salmon pens. From their first few months as salmon eggs in riverbeds to their harvest on our 32' fishing boats in Alaska, to their final destination on your plate, wild salmon have no additives or chemicals within their body or their food source. It's truly the cleanest protein you can eat!

3. By eating wild salmon, you are supporting the thousands of Bristol Bay fishermen and surrounding industry members. These folks make the journey to Bristol Bay, Alaska for 6 - 8 weeks each year in order to harvest, process, and organize the very same salmon that is on your table. This is a community of people dedicated to the incredibly meticulous sustainable fishery practices that have ultimately contributed to larger salmon returns each year. Your choice to buy salmon from this community dedicated to sustainability, traceability and quality sockeye salmon enables them to continue supporting the Bristol Bay watershed each year.

4. Giving the gift of wild salmon is a unique way to support someone you hold near and dear. From the health benefits it offers to its consumer, to the feel-good mindset one receives from investing in a sustainable, authentic and genuine product from real people & fishermen - it is a gift that provides both the recipient and gifter with lasting appreciation that most other holiday items cannot offer.

5. One of the most important reasons of all - by eating wild salmon, you are connected to a community that is dedicated to protecting and preserving a watershed that has provided for generations of Alaskan Natives. Two hundred generations have made their home in Bristol Bay, and embraced this splendid wild salmon resource as an essential element of daily life. We donate 1% of sales back to organizations like TU Alaska in order to support their efforts to secure permanent protections for the Bristol Bay watershed against irreversible effects large projects like Pebble Mine would have on this community. When you buy wild salmon rather than store-bought salmon, you are showing that there is support all over the country for keeping this watershed and ecosystem clean for many future generations to enjoy and celebrate.

As fishermen we are committed to the highest of quality and handling standards at the point of harvest, creating the unsurpassed Quality and Flavor you’ll find in every one of our wild sockeye fillets and portions.


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